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Air loop compensator

It is usual thing when coil processing companies face to problem when you need to dig a pit but you can not do it due to water table or you have restrictions on rented space.
Or the case when you need to slit the whole coil 1000 meters onto the strips.
Air loop compensator will help to solve these problems, and will be a good alternative to traditional loop storage pit.
Air loop compensator takes up very little space.
It is located between slitting module and strip tensioner.
It suits well for processing coils with width up to 1600 mm.
Convenient for transportation, rapid assembly and disassembly, SAVE YOUR MONEY.

Raw material requirements

Light-gauge galvanized steel with polymer coating: polyester, plastisol
Zinc coating to range 100…275 g/m²
Tensile strength 360…430 N/mm²
Yield strength 280…350 N/mm²
Aluminum, copper, electrical steel

Coil thickness from 0,35 up to 3,0 mm  
Coil width from 1250 up to 1600 mm
General characteristics
*Installed power capacity, no more than 3+1,5 kW

Supply voltage at frequency of 50 Hz ± 0.4Hz

380 V

Supply voltage at frequency of 60 Hz

230 V  3 phase
*Dimensions (LxWxH),  no more  than 2300х700х4250 mm

*Weight, no more than

1320 kg
*This equipment is designed and manufactured in accordance with customer's specifications, and therefore, the parameters and price of this equipment are subject to discuss and specify.