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Cut-to-length/Slitting line with metal thickness 0,4–3,0 mm
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Company «Rusсana Engineering» develops and manufactures high-speed cut-to-length machine and slitting machine.
These machines are an integral part of cut-to-length and slitting line designed for longitudinal and transverse cutting of coil metal with thickness from 0.4 up to 3.0 mm and width of 1250 mm and 1500 mm.
Coil processing equipment such as cut-to-length machines and slitting machines are widely used at almost all metal processing industries.
For today no manufacturing sectors more or less working in the field of metal processing would be complete without quality slitting or cutting machines.
Automatic cut-to-length and slitting machines are used independently as a separate unit or as a part of a cut-to-length lines or slitting lines.
These lines allow to cut coil on strips and on metal sheets of required width and quantity.
In our lines we use only high-quality materials and components.
It is worth noting that 90% of all parts and components are manufactured in our factory pass through quality control.
Quality electronic, hydraulic and pneumatic components of the leading industry suppliers: spherical, self-centering bearing units (Askubal, Germany); hydraulic and pneumatic components (Made in Italy); electronic components (Omron, Japan).
To our clients we are ready to offer coil processing equipment at a competitive price.
The price of equipment is lower than European and North American manufacturers have for similar equipment.

Raw material requirements

Light-gauge galvanized steel with polymer coating: polyester, plastisol
Zinc coating to range 100…275 g/m²
Tensile strength 360…430 N/mm²
Yield strength 280…350 N/mm²
Aluminum, copper, electrical steel

Coil thickness 0,4 mm up to 3,0 mm
Coil width 1250/1500 + 10 mm
General characteristics
Line operating mode manual/automatic
Installed power capacity, no more than 35 kW
Maximum cutting speed, no more than 25 m/min
Supply voltage at frequency of 50 Hz ± 0.4Hz 380 V

Dimensions (LxWxH), no more than
- without loop-storage pit
- with loop-storage pit

18000х2850х2250 mm

15000х2850х2250 mm

Weight, no more than 13900 kg
Required operation personnel 1-2 persons
Slitting mode
Quantity of cuts, pcs. Metal thickness, mm
11 0,5 mm
11 1,2 mm
11 1,5 mm
11 2,0 mm
7 2,5 mm
4 3,0 mm
Line configuration
1. Decoiler
2. Cut-to-length and slitting machine
3. Receiving table
4. Automatic control system (ACS)

5. Recoiler

Item Description
For decoiler

Hydraulic clamping unit (hydrostation 2.2kW + radiator + temperature controller)

Coil over 1 mm thickness has the property of springing, which leads to an arbitrary unwinding of the metal on the decoiler's shaft. This device clamps the coil and does not allow it to unwind.
Hydraulic mandrel expansion unit

Ensures reliable fixation of the coil on the shaft of the decoiler. This device operates from the button.

Hydraulic clamping unit + Hydraulic mandrel expansion unit
(hydro station 2.2 kW + radiator + temperature controller)

A kit of devices for reliable fixation coil on the decoiler's shaft and it's clamping. This device operates from the button.

Motion set, rails from 4,5 m + 4 wheel supports This option allows you to put equipment on the rails.
Movable stop, for fixing the edge of coils of smaller width Ensures fixation of the coil of the smaller width
An additional payment for Decoiler with lifting capacity 10 tons Increases  lifting capacity of the decoiler up to 10,000 kg.
Additional support block of the decoiler shaft Additional support block  increases the lifting capacity of the decoiler from 10,000 kg up to 12,000 kg.
For cut-to-length and slitting machine
Disk knives on a face plate
Set of disk knives on a face-plate for cut width from 80 mm in quantity of 2 pcs
Set of knives on a face-plate for cut from 72 mm 2 pcs
Set of guillotine knives ГРП - 2 pcs.,  ГРП - 2 pcs
Set of disk knives with ring spacers
Disk knife produced by «NEUENKAMP» (Germany),1 pcs.

Rubberized ring produced by «NEUENKAMP» (Germany),1 pcs.

Ring spacer produced by «NEUENKAMP» (Germany),1 pcs
Separator produced by «NEUENKAMP» (Germany),1 pcs
Electronic ruler for adjusting knives Convenient and fast adjustment of the knives
Additional payment for increasing the quantity of shafts of straightening module, for 2 shafts This option allows you to increase the quantity of shafts of the straightening module to required in accordance with the requirements with flatness of the sheet.
For strips recoiler
Set of separators, in quantity of 2 pcs.
Hydraulic receiving table

This table, in automatic mode adjusts the level of platform height in accordance with the thickness and quantity of cut sheets.

Allows to stack in a pallet not only metal sheets but also strips.
Air loop compensator Replaces  traditional pit and allows you slit coil completely.

Coil rewinding device

This device ensures a smooth and tight rewinding of a coil with width from 600 up to 1250 mm.   
Trim recoiler in quantity 2 pcs This device is used to scrub the waste after slitting.
Coil car with motion drive

This device allows you to deliver and load the coil onto decoiler or recoiler.

It has a lifting capacity  up to 7500 kg.
Additional payment for increasing speed of the line up to 35 m/min
  • Cut-to-length/Slitting line with metal thickness 0,4–3,0 mm
  • Cut-to-length/Slitting line with metal thickness 0,4–3,0 mm
  • Cut-to-length/Slitting line with metal thickness 0,4–3,0 mm
  • Cut-to-length/Slitting line with metal thickness 0,4–3,0 mm
  • Cut-to-length/Slitting line with metal thickness 0,4–3,0 mm