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Cassette roll forming line

Group of companies «Rusсana Engineering» offers for your consideration Cassette Roll Forming line.

Roll Forming line of the cassette type provides possibility of changing roll forming section. This type of equipment is intended for production several types of profiles from metal coil with a yield strength up to 350 MPa.

The adjustment of the roll forming section to a different size and type of profile is provided by replacing of roll forming section and set of cutting blades.

Roll forming section is made from two channels bars, between the walls of which are installed mill stands for profiling one type of profile.

Scope and field of application

The wide use of profiles made from light-gage sheet metal in various industries contributes to the development of interest in roll forming equipment with the possibility for quick change of roll forming section by cassette type technology.

Cassette technology is widely used by factories producing a wide range of products.

This makes it possible without increasing existing production capacities or production space to expand your range of products.

Thus, one automated "Cassette" type line, can be intended for production of several types of profiles by changing cassettes and set of cutting blades.


  • Decoiler
  • Cassette type roll forming section
  • Guillotine
  • Receiving table (segmental roller table)
  • Automatic control system (ACS)
  • Set of roll forming cassettes

Depending on your needs, we are ready to manufacture equipment with different types of cassettes for different types of profiles (decking, metal tile, cladding panels, metal siding, roofing panels and many others) both according to the sketches developed by us and according to your own sketches.

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