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Roll forming machines

More than 16 years, company «Ruscana Engineering» develope, manufacture and export roll forming machines for processing light-gauge sheet metal, which are not inferior in quality, reliability and technological capabilities to European and North American analogues, while maintaining reasonable prices.


Among Russian manufacturers, «Ruscana Engineering» is one of the leaders in production of PREMIUM roll forming machines and roll forming lines with various automation levels.


We supply roll forming equipment for Industrial, Automobile, Commercial and housing & Construction Segment.

Our goal is to increase the production capabilities of our clients, reduce costs and ultimately increase the profit of our customers.


«Ruscana Engineering» is one of the few roll forming machine manufacturers that produces both standard roll forming equipment and custom made roll forming equipment.


«Ruscana Engineering» offers a wide range of rolling machines:

1. Roof lines and machines such as:

  • Roof tile roll forming machines for producing metal tile of different types.
  • Roofing sheet machines for producing roof deck;
  • Standing seam roll forming machines (Portable and In-Plant) for producing roof panels;
  • Snap lock roofing machine.

2. Roll forming machines for producing corrugated and trapezoidal floor deck, wall and cladding deck.

3. Panel lines and machines, such as:

  • Seamless metal siding machines for producing façade cladding panels and metal siding panels;
  • Soffit roll forming machines.

4. Stud and track roll forming machines.

5. Purlin roll forming machines.

6. Rain water system lines such as:

  • Pipe forming machine;
  • Gutter forming machine.

7. Flashing lines which include:

  • Eave trim roll forming machine;
  • Ridge cap roll forming machine;
  • Rounded ridge cap roll forming machine;
  • Rake trim roll forming machine;
  • Window drip cap roll forming machine.

8.Fence lines which include:

  • Post roll forming machine;
  • Rail roll forming machine;
  • Metal picket fence roll forming machine.

And many other roll forming equipment.

Distinctive features of «Ruscana Engineering» roll forming equipment:


90% of all parts and components are manufactured in our factory and pass through quality control.


Quality electronic, hydraulic and pneumatic components of the leading industry suppliers: spherical, self-centering bearing units (Askubal, Germany); hydraulic and pneumatic components (Duplomatic, Italy); electronic components (Omron, Japan).


The shafts of the rolling mill are made of solid rolled steel and is being heat treated and polished, which makes it possible to achieve a high resistance to deflection and to minimize beating.


The rolling mill zone and drive mechanisms are covered with protective covers, which ensures safe working conditions and excludes direct entry of dust, moisture and foreign objects.


Consistent roll forming method provides high-quality roll forming of raw materials from different suppliers.


«Ruscana Engineering» manufactures all of its roll forming lines in a modular layout.

This allows you to purchase an entire line or a separate unit, such as:


  • Decoiler
  • Rolling mill
  • Guillotine
  • Embossing modules
  • Receiving table
  • Hydraulic table
  • Stacker
  • Automatic control system
  • Coil car


Competitive price.

Our prices for similar equipment is more attractive comparing with European and North American manufacturers.

Warranty and post warranty service.

We are ready to manufacture equipment according to the customer's individual order.

Roll forming lines

Metal roof tile roll forming machines