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Fence elements roll forming lines

Modern fencing systems are solid or lattice types with various options of fencing materials with high-quality polymer coating of various colors.

These fence types are excellent for fencing your house, production and construction sites, warehouses, road and railway sections, office complexes and sports facilities, schools, kindergartens and hospitals.

Our roll forming lines allow you to produce all necessary fence elements using 1.2mm or 1.5 mm sheet metal.

Ruscana Engineering group represents to your attention, a complex of roll forming equipment for production fence system elements.

The complex includes:

  • Roll forming lines for production Post and Rail
  • Roll forming lines for production profile "Metal Picket fence"

Fence elements production complex consists of:

  • Fence frame production lines (Post roll forming line and Rail roll forming lines)
  • Fence cladding roll forming line (single stream or double stream)

Metal profile fencing advantages:

- appealing profile design (standard profiles, as well as - custom-made options are available)

- polymer coating ensures weatherproof end product that does not require additional seasonal renovation

- durability and long life span

- minimum components required (profiled metal posts, profiled sheets, rails, screws)

- fast and easy mounting

- yields light, provides good visibility

Fence elements roll forming lines