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Fence lines

Modern fencing systems are solid or lattice types with various options of fencing materials with high-quality polymer coating of various colors.

fence cladding production line

These fence types are excellent for fencing your house, production and construction sites, warehouses, road and railway sections, office complexes and sports facilities, schools, kindergartens and hospitals.

Our fence lines allow you to produce all necessary fence elements using 1.2mm or 1.5 mm sheet metal.

Ruscana Engineering group represents to your attention, a complex of roll forming equipment for production fence system elements.

The complex includes:

  • Roll forming lines for production Post and Rail
  • Roll forming lines for production profile "Metal Picket fence"

Fence elements production complex consists of:

  • Fence line consist of (Post machine and Rail machine)
    Fence cladding line consist of (single stream or double stream roll forming machine)

Metal profile fencing advantages:

- appealing profile design (standard profiles, as well as - custom-made options are available)

- polymer coating ensures weatherproof end product that does not require additional seasonal renovation

- durability and long life span

- minimum components required (profiled metal posts, profiled sheets, rails, screws)

- fast and easy mounting

- yields light, provides good visibility

High production speed.

Automatic control system (ACS).
Automatic control system or ACS is based on hardware Omron (Japan) which meets reliable performance. The company «Ruscana Engineering» has developed a very user-friendly interface with various controlled parameters, such as: feeding speed, quantity/length of products, production task and many other. The system is also equipped with alarm and error indicators and support information as well as maintenance service information.

Quality components.
Quality electronic, hydraulic and pneumatic components of the leading industry suppliers: spherical, self-centering bearing units (Askubal, Germany); hydraulic and pneumatic components (Made in Italy); electronic components (Omron, Japan).

The shafts of the rolling mill are made of solid rolled steel and is being heat treated and polished, which makes it possible to achieve a high resistance to deflection and to minimize beating.
Volume hardening of profiling rollers, allows to increase their life in 50 times

The rolling mill zone and drive mechanisms are covered with protective covers, which ensures safe working conditions and excludes direct entry of dust, moisture and foreign objects.

Competitive price.
The price of equipment is lower than European and North American manufacturers have for similar equipment.

Warranty and post warranty service.

We are ready to manufacture equipment according to the customer's individual order.

Fence elements roll forming lines