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Metal roof tile roll forming machines

metal roof roll forming machine

metal roof roll forming machine metal roof roll forming machine metal roof roll forming machine

Group of companies «Rusсana Engineering» manufactures metal roof tile production lines which are reliable, convenient in operation and produce high quality product. 

You are free to choose a modern tile type you need among the following: «Adamante», «Andalucia», «Banga», «Dune», «Country», «Panorama», «Camel 23» or traditional tile types: «Cascade», «Monterey/Super Monterey».
If you need an original roofing equipment, we are ready to design a line according to your requirements and your drawings.
Depending on the performance and functionality of the line for the producing metal roof tiles, two types are available: «Standard», «Premium».



The «STANDART» type of the line is equipped with roll forming section with two asynchronous electric motors, electronic spray system in stamp zone, active guillotine that allows to reach production speed  8 m/min. and produce metal tiles with different step height and profile wave length. These lines with high production speed up to 11 m/min are well equipped with servomotor as a drive, «quick press», electronic spray system in stamp zone, active guillotine, sheet stacker device and allow to produce metal tiles with different step height and wave length which can be changed automatically with control panel. The upper row of roll forming sections is made in stations and the bottom raw in channel bar. This design solution gives strength and rigidity to the structure and allows to make fast and convenient adjustment of the distance between the rollers according to the required thickness of the sheet metal.

We offer innovative high-speed equipment with advanced technical characteristics providing high production speed,  with the use of thinner raw material (thickness from 0.38 mm), while still maintaining high-quality metal roof tile panels.


Active type guillotine
Active type guillotine expands metal tile roll forming  machine capabilities allowing to produce metal tiles with various wave length and step height with 1 mm increments. These parameters can be adjusted from control panel.

Variety of metal tile types.
For today, there are lots of metal tile types.
Company «Ruscana Engineering» is ready to offer you a standard metal tile types and develop and manufacture machine to produce original look metal tile in accordance with your sketch.

«Standard» and «Premium».
Company «Ruscana Engineering» offers 2 options «Standard» and «Premium» of configuration of the roof metal tile roll forming line.
The main difference between these two options is in it's production speed.
«Standard» line has production speed 7-8 m/min, while the «Premium» line has production speed 9-10 m/min.
Increased performance is achieved through the use of servomotor as a drive, "quick press" system and a pusher that helps in automatic mode to stack final product.

3D cut.
If you produce short panels, joint seams are visible. But using panels with 3D cut gives a seamless appearance and the roof looks more aesthetically and attractive.

Consistent roll forming method.

Consistent roll forming method provides high-quality end product from different quality raw material.
Roll forming starts from the center, gradually spreading over the entire surface of the metal sheet, thereby relieving tension in the metal.

Automatic control system (ACS).
Automatic control system or ACS is based on hardware Omron (Japan) which meets reliable performance.
The company «Ruscana Engineering» has developed a user-friendly interface with various controlled parameters, such as: feeding speed, quantity/length of products, production task and many other.
The system is also equipped with alarm and error indicators and support information as well as maintenance service information.

Quality components.
Quality electronic, hydraulic and pneumatic components of the leading industry suppliers: spherical, self-centering bearing units (Askubal, Germany); hydraulic and pneumatic components (Duplomatic, Italy); electronic components (Omron, Japan).

The shafts of the rolling mill are made of solid rolled steel and is being heat treated and polished, which makes it possible to achieve a high resistance to deflection and to minimize beating.

Volume hardening of profiling rollers, allows to increase their life in 50 times

The rolling mill zone and drive mechanisms are covered with protective covers, which ensures safe working conditions and excludes direct entry of dust, moisture and foreign objects.

Competitive price.
The price of equipment is lower than European and North American manufacturers have for similar equipment.

Warranty and post warranty service.
We are ready to manufacture equipment according to the customer's individual order.

Item Description
For Decoiler
Hydraulic mandrel expansion Provides reliable fixation of the coil on the shaft of the decoiler.The device operates from the button.
Coil car with motion drive This device allows you to deliver and load coil onto decoiler and recoiler. It has a lifting capacity up to 7500 kg.
Motion set, rails from 4,5 m + 4 wheel supports This option allows to add wheels to decoiler. Decoiler moves on the rails.
Decoiler with lifting capacity 10000 kg Cantilevered decoiler with lifting capacity up to 10000 kg.
An additional payment for Decoiler with lifting capacity 10000 kg Additional support block increases lifting capacity of the decoiler up to 10000 kg.
For active type guillotine
Additional payment for «Guillotine 3D cut»

Company «Ruscana Engineering» offers an option «3D cut». «3D cut» allows to make a figured cut along the contour of the metal tile. Metal tile with «3D cut» looks more aesthetically and attractive.

Sheet pusher with pneumatic drive (integrated into receiving table) This module helps in automatic mode to stack final product.
Protective sliding shutters Protective sliding shutters ensures safe working conditions and excludes direct entry of dust, moisture and foreign objects.
Emergency stop cable around the perimeter of the roll forming section Is intendant for emergency stop of roll forming section.
metal roof roll forming machine metal roof roll forming machine

Metal roof tile production lines "PREMIUM"