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Metal roof tile production lines

Group of companies «Rusсana Engineering» manufactures metal roof tile production lines which are reliable, convenient in operation and produce high quality end product.
You are free to choose a modern tile type you need among the following: «Adamante», «Andalucia», «Banga», «Dune», «Country», «Panorama», «Camel 23» or traditional tile types: «Cascade», «Monterey/Super Monterey».
If you need an original roofing equipment, we are ready to design a line according to your requirements and your drawings.
Depending on the performance and functionality of the line for the producing metal roof tiles, two types are available: «Standard», «Premium».



The «STANDART» type of the line is equipped with roll forming section with two asynchronous electric motors, electronic spray system in stamp zone, active guillotine that allows to reach the production speed  7-8 m/min, to produce metal tiles with different stage heights and profile wave length. These lines with high production speed  (9-10 m/min.) are well equipped with (servomotor as a drive, «quick press», electronic spray system in stamp zone, active guillotine, sheet stacker device) and allow to produce metal tiles with different height of the stampings (readjusting - 1 min.) and wave length (can be changed with control panel). Roll forming sections made in stations allows to make fast and convenient adjustment of the distance between the rollers according to the required thickness of the sheet metal.

Roll-forming section of any type of the line is assembled of 18 or 21 mill stands (profiling roll stations) in accordance with the given parameter of the minimum metal thickness.
Our roofing sheet machine has powerful integrated servo motors and synchronized reductors for each mill stand, hydraulic press with an integrated spray lubrication unit and a full- drive pallet stacker.
The line could be extended with a packing unit wrapping end product stacks with plastic wrap.

Metal roof tile production lines "PREMIUM"