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Wall panel machines

Wall panels is used as decorative facing for various objects of industrial and administrative buildings, shopping centers, sports complexes, markets, office buildings, etc. Wall panels protect buildings from various atmospheric influences and give it an attractive appearance.
These panels have a number of distinguished advantages, including: ergonomics; high strength; hidden fastenings; vertical installation (walls), horizontal installation (false ceilings) and installation panels in inclined planes in any direction of ; facing of cylindrical surfaces; low weight of panels and ease of mounting.
Metal siding panels of this type have a long service life, as well as an attractive appearance.
Metal siding is a panel with the length of 0.5 up to 6 meters, and thickness 0.5 - 1.2 mm.
It is roll formed from light gauge galvanized steel with polymer coating: polyester, plastisol.
For easy mounting, siding panels have slots for fastenings and lock-on connections .
Metal siding types.
Currently, there is a huge variety of metal siding.
The most popular of them are: «LogHouse», «Bar», «Ship Deck», «Linear panel» and «Cassette panel».

wall panel machine The main feature of metal siding «LogHouse» is a simulation of wood logs. And to touch metal from which this product is roll formed can be the same "rough with embossing" as a real tree or can have a smooth surface by the customer's choice.
wall panel machine Metal siding «Bar» is a double narrow panel, imitating wooden bar.
«Ship Deck»
wall panel machine

Visually, this type of metal siding is a «double board». Metal siding «Ship Deck» is easy to mount and convenient to use. The colors of metal siding «Ship Deck» and its coatings can be different (homogeneous, embossed like wood and without) embossing), have a smooth surface texture or matte.

«Linear panel»
wall panel machine

This type of siding panel is equally appropriate for the facade of the buildings, soffit, ceiling and even for interior decoration.
In appearance, linear panel resembles cassettes - a metal strip with closed ends, but by the ratio of length and width - the length is much greater than the width.
In size, linear panels are classified as narrow - for finishing ceilings and soffits, wide - facing the facades and internal partitions.
A panel of this type can be made with rustication (decorative seam) and without it.
The front of the panel can be smooth, perforated, with thin strips along the entire length or a more complex picture.
The end of the panel can be closed or open.
Panel of this type has a wide color gamut.
And the ease of mounting makes it possible to install this panel even by inexperienced specialists.

«Cassette panel»
wall panel machine

The main feature of these product is their design.
They are made in the form of a rectangle or a square of different metal.
The edges of the cassettes are closed inwards, which makes them similar to the box.
This panel has a special holes for fastening, as well as a bending in the upper part of the product.
The lower edge is engaging, it has holes for the exit of accumulated condensate and ventilation.
These panels are distinguished by their quick mounting - the installation of the facade with the cassettes is carried out in the shortest possible time, and there is no need to hire a professional team of builders.
The products provide an excellent protection of the building against negative atmospheric phenomena - strong wind, precipitation, ultraviolet.
Cassettes, like linear panels, have minimal load on the walls of the building, since they have a low weight.
These panels allow the possibility of applying the decorative element " rustication " to them.

Among the wall panels machine manufacturers in Russia, «Ruscana Engineering» is one of the leaders in this area.
We also one of the few roll forming machine manufacturers that produces both standard roll forming equipment and custom made roll forming equipment.

Layout metal siding production line «LogHouse», “Bar”, “ShipDeck” Layuot metal siding linear panels production line (for 3 typical sizes)
wall panel machine wall panel machine
Layout wall panel machine «Linear panel» and «Cassette panel»
wall panel machine

Metal siding linear panels production line for 3 sizes

Linear panels and cassettes production lines