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Metal siding, cladding panels production lines

These lines are intended for manufacturing cladding panels with protective coating («Linear type», «BlockHouse», «Bar», «ShipDeck»), which can be used for decoration of buildings and structures both outside (suspended facades, soffits ) and inside (suspended ceilings and walls) projects.

Here are the advantages of using these panels:

  • hidden fasteners;
  • can be installed vertically (walls), horizontally (ceilings), inclined, in any desired direction;
  • possibility of cladding cylindrical surfaces;
  • lightweight, fast and easy to install;
  • possibility of using as a subsystem elements of variety of profiles (from galvanized steel to wooden bars);
  • raw material processed: galvanized steel with a polymer coating, zinc aluminum, aluminum;
  • minimum material waste.

Linear Panels and Cassettes Production Lines

Our equipment is intended for production linear panels including those with rustication.

This equipment can be readjusted to produce panels with different shelf widths and different rustication widths.

This equipment is designed and manufactured by Ruscana Engineering Group.

All units of the line have simple and convenient mechanisms for adjustment and are made with high accuracy on modern turn-milling center.

Tooling is also manufactured and heat treated at our factory as well as pass inspection by it's quality.

Our process engineering department develops technologies for all production processes that are required in manufacturing parts of machine and monitors their quality performance.

Thanks to this - all the tooling using in lines for production of cladding cassettes and linear panels has high quality and long service life.

The products produced with this equipment are called Linear panel (cladding cassette or cladding panel), which is used for manufacturing ventilated facades.

Our equipment is able to produce linear panels and cladding cassettes of 16 types of sizes, where the shelf width can be from 90 up to 400 mm with different widths of the rustication.

On the surface of the panel can be applied decorating embossing of different types (including "Sofit" type) giving them a distinctive appearance.

Layout metal siding production line «BlockHouse», “Bar”, “ShipDeck” Layuot metal siding linear panels production line (for 3 typical sizes)

Metal siding linear panels production line for 3 sizes

Linear panels and cassettes production lines