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Wall panel machine «Linear panel» and «Cassette panel»
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Metal siding «Linear panel» and «Cassette panel» are the most popular types of metal siding and are widely used for facing administrative buildings, shopping centers, office buildings, industrial buildings and many other buildings.

metal facade panel wall panel roll forming machine metal facade panel wall panel roll forming machine

The advantages of «Linear panel» and «Cassette panel»:

  • high accuracy of geometric parameters;
  • resistance to sharp temperature changes;
  • no flammability;
  • corrosion resistance, increased resistance to atmospheric precipitation, ultraviolet and aggressive environments;
  • low coefficient of thermal expansion;
  • high strength characteristics, resistance to mechanical influences;
  • manufacturability, convenience and reliability of installation (fast installation at any time of the year);
  • hidden fastenings;
  • the cladding panel allows you to reduce the cost for heating the house (however the cladding is breathing, since it is not closed tightly);
  • attractive appearance;
  • environmental safety.

As a result, you get not expensive and aesthetically attractive cladding that can change the appearance of the building.

Company «Rusсana Engineering» offer for your consideration wall panel machine «Linear panel» and «Cassette panel».

Wall panel machine «Linear panel» and «Cassette panel» is an integral part of the roll forming line.

This panel roll forming line is reliable, convenient in operation and produce high quality end product.


High production speed 20 m/min.

Well equipped line

Cantilevered decoiler with a lifting capacity of 5000 kg.
The cantilever type provides fast coil replacement.
Hydraulic mandrel expansion unit reliable fix the coil on the shaft.
This decoiler is placed on a rails that allows it to smoothly move forward and backward.

Feeding-straightening machine with 19 straightening shafts, equipped with a speed sensor to control metal feeding to roll forming section is designed to correct the metal curvature and improve sheet flatness parameters.

Roll forming section is designed in such way that it allows to produce a profiles «Linear panel» and «Cassette panel» of 16 sizes.
Switching between profile sizes from the control panel with a button.

Built-in lubricating module allows to reduce the amount of zinc sticking on the roll forming rollers, which reduces the service intervals of it's cleaning and in a certain extent reduces the amount of defective products.

Punching module for holes is also integrated into the roll forming section.

Protective film application module allows to instantly give the metal siding a ready-for-sale condition and protect it from external influences.

3 types of decorative embossing.

3 types of decorative embossing of the profile is available:  relief module «Micro wave», «Band» and perforation module "Soffit".
Raw material requirements

Light-gauge galvanized steel with polymer coating: polyester, plastisol
Zinc coating to range 100…275 g/m²
Yield strength 320…350 N/mm²

Coil thickness:

For coil width 250 ± 1mm

For coil width 312,5 ± 1 mm

For coil width 416 ± 1 mm

For coil width 625 ± 1 mm


0,6 mm….1,0 mm
0,6 mm.…1,0 mm
0,7 mm….1,0 mm
0,7 mm….1,0 mm

Coil width

250 ± 1 mm
312,5 ± 1 mm
416 ± 1 mm
625 ± 1 mm

General characteristics
Line operating mode manual/semiautomatic
Installed power capacity, no more than 22 kW
Roll forming speed, no more than 20 m/min
Supply voltage at frequency of 50 Hz 380 V
Supply voltage at frequency of 60 Hz 230 V  3 phase
Dimensions (LxWxH),  no more  than 20200х3500х1950mm (receiving table is included)
Weight, no more than 8500 kg
Required operation personnel 1-2 persons
Line configuration

1. Decoiler

- mandrel expansion unit
- movement set without drive

2. Preliminary punching module (integrated into roll forming section)

3. Roll forming section

3.1 Preliminary cutting module
-feeding unit
-stamps (4 pcs.)
-stamping tooling
3.2 Roll forming section (profiling module)
-perforation device
-position switching device

4. Cutting and bending module
5. Hydraulic system
6. Receiving table (roller table)
7. Automatic Control System (ACS)
PROFILE DRAWING metal facade panel wall panel roll forming machine
  • Wall panel machine «Linear panel» and «Cassette panel»
  • Wall panel machine «Linear panel» and «Cassette panel»
  • Wall panel machine «Linear panel» and «Cassette panel»
  • Wall panel machine «Linear panel» and «Cassette panel»
  • Wall panel machine «Linear panel» and «Cassette panel»
  • Wall panel machine «Linear panel» and «Cassette panel»