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Metal roof tile panel lines

Ruscana Engineering manufactures metal roof tile panel lines, reliable, convenient in operation and producing high quality end product. We offer both standard lines (Monterey, Cascade, Country, Pamir and some other profiles) and custom-made lines to better suit your needs and demands.

We also offer innovative high-speed equipment with advanced technical characteristics: high production speed of up to 12 m/min, use of thinner raw material (0.4 mm), while still maintaining high-quality metal roof tile panels. It has powerful integrated Servo motors and synchronized redactors for each mill stand, hydraulic press with an integrated spray lubrication unit and a full- drive pallet stacker. The line could be extended with a packing unit wrapping end product stacks with plastic wrap.

General technical characteristics:

  • power capacity 30 KW
  • dimensions (LxWxH) 28500x2800x2100 mm
  • profile “wave” length variable
  • profile “step” height variable
  • coil thickness 0.38-0.6 mm
  • coil width 1250 ± 5 mm
  • production speed of up to 12 m/min (length of tile panel is 6 m)


  • decoiler CD7.5
  • roll forming section
  • hydraulic press
  • hydraulic guillotine
  • hydraulic system
  • stacker table with roll-out platform
  • automatic control system
  • optional: remote control system

Metal roof tile panel lines