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Press feeding line

Press feeding line is designed for straightening sheet metal curvature and feeding it with a certain step into the press-forming zone of the press-forging equipment.
Press feeding line consists of: decoiler, straightening machine, feeder and automatic control system.
Parts and components manufacturing by stamping takes the key place in metal pressure forming technology and is used in various industries.
Stamping is based on plastic deformation of the metal without heating it with the special stamps.
Such method of plastic deformation of parts is widely used for manufacturing parts of different sizes and complicated shapes with high accuracy.
All operations related with cold stamping can be done with special equipment, which the main is a stamping press.
It can be mechanical or hydraulic.
Mechanical are:

  • eccentric press;
  • presses with crank mechanism.

Metal stamping press with hydraulic drive is used for volumetric forming by means of impact puncturing.
Stamp is working unit of any press machine.
It includes two working parts: press matrix and hub.
While in operation, only the upper part of the press is movable, it is a hub, the hub is attached to the slider.
Press matrix is located at the bottom and remains stationary.

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  • Press feeding line
  • Press feeding line
  • Press feeding line
  • Press feeding line
  • Press feeding line