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Rain water system lines

Rain water system - is a very important element of the facade and not any building goes without it.
Rain water system includes lots of elements are formed into a single system that serves to collect and drain melt or rain water out of the building.
The most important elements of any rain water system are: horizontal hanging wall-mounted gutters which are intended for collecting water, as well as vertical pipes that play the role of a channel for transporting water down to earth.
This also includes many additional elements - various brackets, funnels, clips, fasteners and many others.
Rain water system - is a multi-level system, which implies not only the installation of the necessary elements of the downspout, but also consideration of other factors such as:
1. Possible volumes of drained water;
2. Design and area of the roof;
3. Features of building;
4. Installation of rain water system, etc.
Rain water system functions
The role of rain water systems of the building can not be underestimated. Rain water system do lots of functions, among which are the following:

  • rain water system makes it possible to drain fast moisture out of the building, which can cause irreparable harm to facade, basement, foundation and to thermal insulation materials, etc .;
  • rain water system reduce the overall moisture level, prevent mold and dampness;
  • when using rain water system, it is possible to minimize the risk of flooding the basements in the building;
  • rain water system drains water out of the building, reducing the likelihood of mud and puddles appearing on the territory around the building;
  • rain water system is an element of decor.

For today, rain water systems lines with an optimal price-quality ratio are in high demand.
The complex of equipment for production Rainwater systems, designed and manufactured by the group of companies "Ruscana Engineering", is a symbiosis of automatic and semi-automatic types of equipment and manual methods of work.


The complex of equipment for production square and round shape rain water systems includes:

  • Down pipe roll forming line
  • Gutter roll forming line
  • Down pipe crimping machine
  • Pipe elbow forming machine
  • Gutter stop end forming machine
  • Tinsmith work bench for producing additional components: hopper head, gutter bracket, pipe bracket, gutter clip

This technology reduces the cost for traditionally expensive equipment, with good parameters of quality, productivity and profitability.
Gutter and Down pipe are roll-formed from galvanized steel or steel with a polymer coating.
In process of operation of equipment, this type of technology provides the possibility to use metal wastes which are received from other lines, thus reducing total costs.
Our solutions in the field of manufacturing equipment for production Rain water systems are aimed to careful handling with coating, material saving, waste minimization (blanks for pipe and the gutter are made without wastes).

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