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Roofing/cladding/ decking roll formers

This equipment is designed for roll forming galvanized sheet metal with or without polymer coating for the production of wall partitions, fences, decking, as well as interior and exterior wall cladding. A wide range of profiles is available.
Our equipment manufactures cold-rolled steel profiles using coil with the following parameters:

  • sheet thicknesses from 0.37 mm to 1.2 mm
  • width up to 1400 mm
  • steel grades with a yield point up to 350 N/mm2

Ruscana Engineering manufactures high-tech two level roll forming lines, available in different combinations. These lines have certain advantages compared to traditional one level line, such as:

  • smart use of industrial space;
  • automatic switch allows reposition of levels and switch between profiles in 30 second with a push of a button;
  • savings on equipment purchase and further maintenance costs.

This equipment is designed for roll forming galvanized sheet metal (with or without polymer coating) up to 0.9 mm thick and up to 1250 mm wide, with production speed up to 35 m/min.
You can choose a combination of desired profiles, whether it is one of our standard options or custom-designed just for you.

  • decoiler 
  • two level roll forming section
  • two level hydraulic guillotine
  • two level stacker table
  • automatic control system

Roll-forming lines

Two levele roll-forming lines