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Standing seam roll forming machine PSR-005

Standing seam roll forming machine PSR-005 manufactured by Ruscana Engineering allows to produce high quality roof panels with classic standing seam of various widths and lengths from coil steel, copper and zinc-titanium right on a construction site as well as at a manufacturing facility.

Distinctive features of Portable Standing Seam Roll former PSR 005
3 in 1
Portable Standing Seam Roll Former, model PSR-005 has a lot of advantages BUT the most significant are three of them.
These three advantages determine the uniqueness and relevance of PSR-005

1. Panels of various shapes.
The roofing panels of a straight and trapezoidal shape can be roll formed with PSR-005 by removing one of the profiling units and roll form panel with another profiling unit.

2. 1 inch and 1.5 inch panels in one machine

PSR 005 allows to produce panels of 2 sizes: 1 inch and 1.5 inch by changing profiling units.  It is convenient fast and does not take much time.

The possibility for changing profiling units (right and left) allows you fast reconfigure machine in a construction site. This does not require highly qualified personnel.

3. Mobility
PSR-005 is demounted into 5 parts: a frame № 1, two profiling units № 2,3, a transverse mechanical knife № 4 and embossing roller dies № 5.

It facilitates the transportation  and makes it possible to transport this machine in almost any type of vehicle, and also make easy the process of its movement on the construction site.
4. 6 profiling mill stands for high-quality roll forming with automatic adjustment of gaps between roll forming rollers.

The design of the rollers allows to roll form steel with thickness from 0,45 mm up to 0,6 mm,copper and zinc-titanium from 0,7 mm up to 0,8 mm and get high quality roll formed product. The Adjustment of the gaps for a needed metal thickness is done automatically with the help of a disc spring system. This function allows you to roll form metal without manual readjustment and do it in automatic mode.

5. Roll forming rollers are made from high quality steel.

This is instrument steel with heat treatment that increase its lifespan in almost twice.

6. High roll forming speed and good quality of finished products.Roll forming speed up to 12 m/min
7.Set of embossing roller dies "Trapezoidal" or "Half round (option)". 
Decorative embossing provide roof panels additional rigidity and aesthetic appearance.
8.Protective covers of the profile units with handles for carrying. 9.Transverse knife

Protective covers prevent the ingress of dust or foreign objects into the roll forming area.
Four convenient handles make it easy to carry or replacement of profiling units with the help of two or four people.

Quality cutting of the required length profile.
10. Wheels 11.Decoiler
Allows without any problems to move the machine in the construction site.

Serves for feeding metal strip of different widths to machine.

12.Box for storing spare parts and tools.

The necessary tool kit is always at hand.

13.No lifting equipment required.

General characteristics:

  • Seam height – 1" ( 25,4 mm)
  • Installed power capacity, no more than - 0,75 kW
  • Power supply voltage at frequency of 50 Hz, 220 V 
  • ( or 60 Hz, 115/208-230 V for the countries of North America)
  • Dimensions (LxWxH)- 1850х1100х1120 mm
  • Weight - 325 kg
Roll forming speed:
  • No more than 12 m/min

Raw material requirements:
- galvanized steel with mass of zinc coating 100…27 g/m2; 
- yield strength 280…320 N/mm2; 
- width – 14,9" (379 mm)… 26,9" (684 mm);
- coil thickness – 0,45 mm…0,6 mm;
- copper, aluminum, zinc-titanium thickness – 0,7 mm…0,8 mm


For autonomous operation of 2 profiling units, it can be equipped with 2 motors.


1. Decoiler «Liner»;
2. Standing seam roll forming machine PSR-005;
3. Transverse knife;
4. Embossing rolling dies.
5. Roller base receiving table (option)


  • Standing seam roll forming machine PSR-005
  • Standing seam roll forming machine PSR-005
  • Standing seam roll forming machine PSR-005
  • Standing seam roll forming machine PSR-005
  • Standing seam roll forming machine PSR-005