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Coil car

This type of equipment is intended for installation and removal of metal coil onto decoiler or recoiler.
Significantly reduces the chance of damage to the metal coil (folded edges of the coil, scratches on the surface of the metal), inevitably appearing during the replacement of the coil, which in it's turn reduces the amount of waste.
Rail system allows, if necessary to pave a way of coil metal from the warehouse to the line.
If necessary, and in order to save your money, you can use one coil car for 2 lines, taking into account parallel disposition of the equipment (decoiler / recoiler).
General characteristics:

  • Lifting capacity - 10 tons
  • Working stroke (lifting) - 260 mm
  • Type of drive - hydraulic (lifting).
  • Electrical network - 3 kWh, 380 V
  • Weight - no more than 800 kg (+ rails 150 kg)
  • Dimensions (LxWxH) - 1400x800x700 mm
  • The length of the rails is 3.5 m * (taking into account the installation for decoiler).

*The length of the rails can be changed according to the customer's needs.

Coil car Coil car