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Stacker table with roll-out platform

This receiving table is designed for receiving profiled metal sheets with length from 1000 up to 12000 mm, width from 1000 up to 1250 mm and height from 8 up to 114 mm.

The stacker table consists of the frame with receiving drop-shelves and roll-out platform for stacking profiled metal sheets.

Upon exit from the roll forming section, the sheet is placed onto two drop-shelves.

After the final cut, the product is dropped on the roll-out platform.

Available types of stacker table :

  • Double-deck stacker is available in case of two-level roll-forming section
  • With unloading function of profiled metal sheet package forward or sideways

Technical specifications:

  • power capacity 1.5 KW
  • platform loading capacity 500 kg/m