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Decoiler isused as a part of roll-forming and CTLS lines. We offer a wide selection of decoilers, depending on your coil processing requirements.

All of our products are fail-safe, reliable and able to work even in extreme environmental conditions.

  • cantilevered or full-support types
  • power capacity 1.5-5.5 KW
  • coil width 210-1600 mm
  • coil thickness 0.37-4.0 mm
  • lifting capacity from 1000 up to 16000 kg
  • hydraulic mandrel expansion 
  • expansion range 480-620 mm with coil ID 500 or 600 mm)
  • feeding speed up to 40 m/min


  • pneumatic/hydraulic clamping unit (recommended for coil over 0.7 mm thick)
  • 4-wheel guide rails for mobility

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