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Technical Support

We pay much attention to improving the quality of our Tech Support, making it more convenient and efficient. Our highly qualified and experienced personnel will help you to solve any problem you may face regarding our products. Whether it is a consultation, spare parts delivery or a routine maintenance matter you will receive professional and in-time assistance. Equipment manufactured by Ruscana Engineering guarantees reliable work for many years to come if properly operated and maintained. We are committed to provide you the best customer service through our Technical Service Department. Ruscana Engineering utilizes the latest technology in remote diagnostics to ensure our customers are supported in a timely fashion.


Warranty service cuts down your expenses on the equipment maintenance as well as increases return on your investment. As we are confident in high quality of our equipment we offer 12 month warranty for new equipment and 6 months warranty for all original spare parts.

WARNING! Warranty does not cover the following:

  • damage of equipment or its parts as a result of hitting them by random items
  • discrepancy voltage in power grid 
  • exceeding weight limit when placing coil onto the decoiler or the coil car
  • ingress of moisture to electrical equipment resulted in a short circuit 
  • equipment breakage caused by failure of the floor at the installation site 
  • equipment failure caused by using inappropriate raw material
  • breakage or phase violation of a power or signal cable after equipment installation
  • using inappropriate oils and/or lubricating materials 
  • activities of untrained/unqualified staff resulted in equipment damage 
  • any type of deliberate damage of the equipment
  • failure to mount properly equipment and/or its parts to the floor
  • violating environment/temperature equipment operation guidelines
  • failure to comply with instructions, requirements and conditions presented in the equipment operating manual and/or provided by the SELLER’s representatives
  • any damage caused while loading/unloading the equipment on BUYER’s premises
  • any damage or malfunction resulted from the equipment relocation after its installation and putting into operation
  • any equipment malfunction caused by an untimely maintenance or lack thereof
  • sticking of zinc or paint to rollers’ working surface
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